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Murder at the Yeshiva

Mo Shuman a homicide detective who is about to retire at the Twelfth Precinct on the Lower East Side catches the murder of Aaron Cohen, a yeshiva student whose body is found beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. In solving the murder with his homicide squad, Shuman must come to grips with his own demons, having been expelled from the same yeshiva which led to his being drafted into the army during the Vietnam War. Pursued by his past he turns to drink.

Murder at the Yeshiva is a suspenseful story of greed, sexual abuse and murder against the backdrop of a cloistered religious community. Additionally the mayor and police commissioner are using the murder case as a political cudgel against each other in the upcoming mayoral race. Detective Shuman finds himself at the center of a power struggle as he hunts down the murderer with grim determination at the same time the killer has Shuman in his sights.