Stewart Bird

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Murder at the Yeshiva
A suspenseful story of greed, sexual abuse and murder against the backdrop of a cloistered religious community. Detective Shuman finds himself at the center of a power struggle as he hunts down the murderer with grim determination at the same time the killer has Shuman in his sights.

The Jake Fischer Stories
As with S. Bird's previous story, The Jake Fischer Stories is set in New
York City and centers around Jewish culture (that's evident from the first
paragraph): and what an atmospheric description it is: "My best friend,
Stevie Rabinowitz, had come with me for my last ride. The #4 train pulled
into the elevated platform at Mosholu Parkway as we ran to the first car and
pressed our faces to the front glass. We saw the beautiful Bronx spread out
before us as we barreled through each stop as if we were on our own magic
carpet ride through the clouds."

As he moves from childhood to young adulthood and well into his adult years,
readers follow not only the path of his life and awakenings, but the
evolution of his perceptions - and The Jake Fischer Stories becomes ever
clearer. It's not a romance per say, and it's not a love story in the sense
of a genre read: it's a life story, and the love and heartache inherent in
following a life well lived is also a story of failure and success.

In the process of describing life cycles and family and cultural
connections, The Jake Fischer Stories succeeds in becoming more than the
sum of romance or love - it's a story of strategies developed for handling
life and it's a saga of one man's determination to break the cycle of
despair through love.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Selected Works

A New York City police procedural in the tradition of Ed McBain's 87th Precinct series.
Jake Fischer, a working class guy, in a life long struggle to find himself.

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